Brake Booster - 045BLACK
Brake Booster - 045BLACK
Brake Booster - 045BLACK
Brake Booster - 045BLACK
Brake Booster - 045BLACK
Brake Booster - 045BLACK
Brake Booster - 045BLACK


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Technical Information

6061 Aluminum
Anodized Color
Black or Silver
Brake Post Seperation
67mm - 85mm

The brake post separation is the center to center distance between the brake posts.

They must be between 67mm and 85mm apart to work with the brake Booster.

Maximum Tire Width
Additional Information

Brake Booster

The Brake Booster is a compact brake post reinforcement for use with cyclocross tires.

The U-shaped beam runs from post to post and helps to increase the stiffness of the braking system. This can calm chatter, reduce flex, and increase stopping power. This can be especially useful on lightweight or flexible carbon and titanium forks.

The Brake Booster is machine to have a cross section similar to an I-beam for high stiffness and low weight. There are slotted mounting points at either end to accommodate variances in brake post positioning.

We sized the Brake Booster for use on cyclocross bikes running tires up to 47mm wide. Larger 26" or 29" tires will not fit.

We include all of the necessary hardware for attaching the Brake Booster to our brake pivots. With a little work it can be adapted to other brakes as well.

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