Cantilever Brakes
A traditional cantilever brake with modern adjustability. Wide arms provide high leverage.
Touring Canti
A cantilever brake with upward angled arms giving it a narrow profile. Works well with panniers.
Center Pull Brakes
A center pull caliper brake with long reach arms. Based on the classic Mafac Racer.
Racer Medium
A medium reach center pull brake that doesn't sacrifice clearance or power.
Linear Pull Brakes
A simple and powerful mini-v linear-pull brake for use with standard short-pull brake levers.
A highly adjustable lightweight linear-pull brake with great stopping power.
Disc Brakes
Klamper Disc Caliper Klamper Disc Caliper
Klamper Disc Caliper
Brake Accessories
Funky Monkey Front
A steerer tube mounted front cable hanger for use with front cantilever or centerpull brakes.
Funky Monkey Rear
A rear cable hanger for cantilever or centerpull brakes. Mounts to the seat tube or seat post.
Moon Unit
Our classic crescent straddle cable carrier for cantilever or centerpull brakes.
Rack Adapter
A threaded mount for attaching front or rear racks directly to our brake pivots.