Chain Keeper - 600
Chain Keeper - 600
Chain Keeper - 600
Chain Keeper - 600
Chain Keeper - 600
Chain Keeper - 600


Clamp Diameter:
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Technical Information

6061 Aluminum
Anodized Color
Clamp Size
28.6mm, 31.8mm, or 35.0mm

The clamp diameter is the outside diameter of the seattube. The seattube must be circular in profile where the Chain Keeper attaches.

28.6mm is equivalent to 1 18".
31.8mm is equivalent to 1 14".
35.0mm is equivalent to 1 38".

Additional Information
Chain Keeper Fit Guide

Chain Keeper

The Chain Keeper is a guide to keep your chain right where it belongs.

Mounted in place of a front derailleur, the Chain Keeper works with single chain ring drivetrains using a narrow chain. The chain block surrounds the chain as it meets the chainring and prevents it from skipping off.

The Chain Keeper clamps on to the seat tube of the frame. The portion of seat tube where the clamp mounts must have a circular profile and a diameter of 28.6, 31.8, or 35.0mm, (+/-0.5mm).

Designed with adjustability in mind, the Chain Keeper can accommodate a range of chainline measurements and chainring sizes.

Note: This is not designed for downhill, freeride, or big hit use.

For frames with tapered seat tubes, the Chain Keeper Extension can be used to raise the clamp to a higher section of tubing with a straight circular profile. The Extension can also be used on some rear-suspension frames to reposition the clamp behind the seat tube.

The Chain Keeper and Chain Keeper Extensions may not work with all frames, please see our Chain Keeper Fit Guide for more detailed information.

Spare Parts & Related Components
Chain Keeper Extension
Extends the reach of the original clamping Chain Keeper for greater frame compatibility.