Custom Colors

The color your want, ASAP.

Need your colored components sooner than later? With our Custom Colors program we can anodize components in the colors you want when you want them, for a flat rate charge of $85 per color.

Whether you order a set of gold track hubs or an entire pink single speed gruppo, it's the same flat rate.

To place a Custom Colors order, please contact with your most colorful dreams.

Color Palette

Seven color options to choose from:

Orange Anodizing

Purple Anodizing

Blue Anodizing

Gold Anodizing

Red Anodizing

Pink Anodizing

Green Anodizing

The Fine Print

Returns: because of the custom nature of Color of the Month pre-orders and Custom Colors orders, we cannot accept returns on these color anodized components.

Shipping: if custom color anodized components are pre-ordered alongside stock components, the entire order will ship together when the colored components are available.

No Flatbeds: Sorry, but the Flatbed rack is not eligible for color anodizing.

Color Accuracy: Anodizing isn't a perfect science, and there may be slight variations in color from batch to batch. While we do our best to maintain the quality of the components we ship out, we can't make any guarantees that colors we offer will perfectly match older components, anodizing from another manufacturer, your aura, or the tone you see on your screen.