Disk FHUB - 0143BLACK28
Disk FHUB - 0143BLACK28
Disk FHUB - 0143BLACK28
Disk FHUB - 0143BLACK28
Disk FHUB - 0143BLACK28
Disk FHUB - 0143BLACK28


Spoke Holes:
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Technical Information

6061 Aluminum
Anodized or Polished
Anodized Color
Black or Silver
Axle Spacing: 100mm
Flange Diameter: 56m
Center to Disk Flange: 24mm
Center to Non-Disk Flange: 32mm
Spoke Holes
28, 32, 36 or 48
Additional Information


This is a disk brake equipped version of our venerable FHUB front hub.

The Disk FHUB features a six bolt ISO mount for disk brake rotors with front disk spacing. The flanges have been increased in diameter make room for the disk mount and keep the hub balanced.

It spins very smoothly due to specially machined bearing bores and high quality precision sealed cartridge bearings. The axle is turned from high-strength 7075 aluminum, and is available in bolt-on and quick-release versions.

The Quick-Release Disk FHUB is light weight and makes it easy to remove a front wheel when fixing a flat or mounting your bike to a roof rack.

Disk FHUBS with bolt-on axles provide greater theft resistance and give a stiffer connection to the fork.

Our hubs can be easily adjusted with our cinch bolt style adjuster ring.

We stock the Disk FHUB in 28, 32, 36 and 48 hole spoke drillings. Other drillings may be available upon request.

Fresh bearings, axle conversion kits, and other spare parts are available for hub overhauls and rebuilds.

Spare Parts & Related Components
Adjuster Ring
A threaded bearing Adjuster Ring with pinch bolt for all current hubs with 15mm diameter axles.
Quick Release Axle Plug
A press fit end cap for all current Quick-Release front axles.
Bolt-On Axle Nut
A knurled stainless steel nut for Bolt-On FHUB, Disk FHUB and High Flange Front and Rear axles.
A precision sealed bearing made by Enduro for use when servicing our front and rear hubs.
Axle Bolts
A pair of stainless steel bolts with machined socket heads and washers for bolt-on axles.
Axle Spacer
A replacement polished domed spacer for our hubs that take axle spacers.
Klamper Disc Caliper Klamper Disc Caliper
Klamper Disc Caliper
Axle Kit
A replacement axle with spacer, adjuster ring and end pieces to overhaul our front and rear hubs.