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Spoke Holes:
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Technical Information

6061 Aluminum
Anodized or Polished
Anodized Color
Black or Silver
Axle Spacing: 170mm
Flange Diameter: 65mm
Center to Drive Flange: 40mm
Center to Non-Drive Flange: 35mm
Spoke Holes
Cassette Compatibility
Shimano 10 Speed, SRAM 10 Speed or SRAM XX1 Compatible
Additional Information

Disk RHUB 170

The Disk RHUB 170 is a super wide cassette hub for use on fat-tire bikes with 170mm rear axle spacing.

We've partnered with Industry Nine to create a cassette hub that marries our hub shell, axle, and bearing adjustment system with their premium freehub bodies. Two freehubs are available, one for traditional Shimano and SRAM 10 speed cassettes, and one for SRAM's XD type 11 speed cassettes.

The drive mechanism has two sets of three pawls on a sixty tooth ratchet that provides 120 points of engagement at just 3°. What this translates to is a freehub that responds nearly instantaneously to rider input.

The splined freehub body is compatible with 9/10 speed cassettes from Shimano and SRAM, and we now offer Industry Nine's XX1 compatible freehub option. The disk mount conforms to the 6-Bolt ISO standard.

The large solid flanges provide a solid base for wheel builds with their large diameter and nearly symmetrical spacing.

An oversized aluminum quick-release axle supports the hub on three sealed bearings, along with a massive 40mm bearing supporting the freehub.

The Disk RHUB 170 features our simple bearing adjuster ring for hassle-free maintenance. The freehub is simple to disassemble for service, and can be converted to run on just three pawls instead of six for lower drag and less noise (but with a 6° engagement).

Spare Parts & Related Components
A precision sealed bearing made by Enduro for use when servicing our front and rear hubs.
Adjuster Ring
A threaded bearing Adjuster Ring with pinch bolt for all current hubs with 15mm diameter axles.
Wide Load Hub Set
A Wide Load Hub Set of a 135mm WHUB & 170mm RHUB shimano/sram 10 speed