Disk WHUB - 144BLACK
Disk WHUB - 144BLACK
Disk WHUB - 144BLACK
Disk WHUB - 144BLACK


Spoke Holes:
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Technical Information

6061 Aluminum
Anodized or Polished
Anodized Color
Black or Silver
Axle Spacing: 135mm
Flange Diameter: 55m
Center to Flange: 41mm
Spoke Holes
28, 32 or 36
Additional Information


Introducing the future of mountain bike front hubs. The Disk WHUB is a 135mm wide version of our Disk FHUB. The W stands for wide.

We set out to design a dishless disk front hub and our first effort was 120mm wide. This is the narrowest you can go for a truly dishless front disk hub. With input from Jeff Jones of Jones Bicycles we stretched the hub shell even further to 135mm. 135mm is fast becoming a popular standard for wide front hubs, plus 120mm quick releases skewers are hard to come by.

With the wider hub shell and dishless spokes the front wheel builds up super strong and stays true for a long time. With a wider hub and fork you can also run huge front tires for snow or sand. We happen to think the Disk WHUB goes great with a wide snow rim and any of Surly's super fat and floaty tires. The Big Fat Larry tire is popular at 26 x 4.7".

The Disk WHUB shares a lot of features with the traditionally spaced Disk FHUB, like precision sealed bearings bearings and our simple adjustment system. The Disk WHUB is only available with a quick-release axle and 6 bolt ISO rotor mount.

It is important to note that the Disk WHUB is designed for front disk rotor spacing. There are several 135mm forks on the market like the Salsa Enabler and Surly Pugsley fork that accept rear wheels with rear disk rotor spacing. These forks will not work with the Disk WHUB. 135mm forks with front disk rotor spacing are available from Jones Bicycles, Vicious Cycles, White Brothers and others and will work with the Disk WHUB.

Spare Parts & Related Components
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A threaded bearing Adjuster Ring with pinch bolt for all current hubs with 15mm diameter axles.
Quick Release Axle Plug
A press fit end cap for all current Quick-Release front axles.
Axle Spacer
A replacement polished domed spacer for our hubs that take axle spacers.
A precision sealed bearing made by Enduro for use when servicing our front and rear hubs.
Wide Load Hub Set
A Wide Load Hub Set of a 135mm WHUB & 170mm RHUB sram 11 speed
Axle Kit
A replacement axle with spacer, adjuster ring and end pieces to overhaul our front and rear hubs.