E-Lever - 093LALLBLACK
E-Lever - 093LALLBLACK
E-Lever - 093LALLBLACK
E-Lever - 093LALLBLACK
E-Lever - 093LALLBLACK
E-Lever - 093LALLBLACK


Clamp Diameter:
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Technical Information

6061 Aluminum
Anodized or Polished
Anodized Color
Black or Silver
Cable Pull
Short Pull

Short pull brake levers have less leverage than long pull brake levers and pull a shorter amount of cable as they are actuated.

They are intended only for use with short pull brakes, such as side pull caliper brakes, cantilever brakes, centerpull brakes and mini-v brakes.

Clamp Size
22.2mm or 23.8mm

22.2mm is equivalent to 7/8 inches, and is the diameter of most mountain bike handlebars. Many flat bars, risers and city bars have this diameter. It is measured at the end of the bar where grips and brake levers attach.

23.8mm is the diameter of most road handlebars. Drop bars, bull horns, and other handlebars designed for road bike will often have this diameter. It is measured in the "grip" area of the bar, not the larger diameter area where the stem attaches.


There's something to be said for the clean looks of bare track handlebars, but riding brakeless can be hazardous on the road. The E-Lever is a tiny brake lever that keeps your handlebars looking clean while providing that extra braking power when needed.

We make the E-Lever available with our standard black or silver anodization, as well as with a high polish finish. Polished by hand to a mirror finish, it looks great on chromed drop bars or next to a polished quill stem.

The E-Lever is a short pull brake lever and works with standard side pull caliper brakes, as well as cantilevers and other short pull brakes. The lever blade of the E-Lever is short and scalloped to fit a single finger comfortably.

Because of its compact design the E-Lever has less leverage than our other brake levers. For this reason we cannot recommend it for use as the sole method of braking. The E-Lever should only be used in conjunction with other brake mechanisms such as a fixed gear hub or coaster brake. For a similar brake lever with greater leverage, take a look at our Cross Lever

We make this lever in two clamp diameters to fit road and mountain handlebars. The 23.8mm version fits on the narrower grip section of road hanlebars. The 22.2mm version fits standard mountain bike handlebars. There is an integrated barrel adjuster for quick adjustments.

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