Flatbed Rack - 270BLACK
Flatbed Rack - 270BLACK
Flatbed Rack - 270BLACK
Flatbed Rack - 270BLACK
Flatbed Rack - 270BLACK
Flatbed Rack - 270BLACK
Flatbed Rack - 270BLACK


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Technical Information

Frame Material
6061 Aluminum
Platform Material
Poplar Hardwood
Carrying Capacity
Anodized Color
Black or Silver
Fork Compatability
Threaded or Threadless
Additional Information

Flatbed Rack

Our Flatbed rack will be temporarily out of stock. But, don't fret, it will be back on our shelves by the time spring rolls around.

The Flatbed rack is a premium front rack for your bicycle. The frame is made of tubular aluminum with machined fittings, and the platform is stained hardwood.

With its 18" by 14.5" platform and 25lb carrying capacity, the Flatbed can turn most bikes into a load-hauling machines. Having your cargo centered over the front wheel keeps it within sight and arm's reach.

The Flatbed mounts to the stem and dropout eyelets of rigid forks. The stem clamp is adjustable for different frame sizes and will work with threaded or threadless steerer tubes.

The Flatbed sits above the front wheel and the underside of the platform is 14.5" above the eyelet it mounts to. For very large 700c or 29" tires we recommend your measure your fork and wheel to ensure a good fit.

For larger frames with especially long headtubes, an extension is available. If the distance between the front fork eyelet and the top of the uppermost headset cap is greater than 60cm, you will probably need the Stem Clamp Extension.

Spare Parts & Related Components
Flatbed Clamp Extension
This clamp extension allows the Flatbed rack to fit larger frames with especially long headtubes.