Clamp Diameter:
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Technical Information

6061 Aluminum
Anodized Color
Black or Silver
Seattube Clamp Diameter
28.6, 30, 32, or 35mm

The seattube clamp diameter is the outside diameter of the seattube, measured at the top where the seatpost would enter the frame.

Seatpost Clamp Diameter

The seatpost clamp diameter is the outside diameter of the seatpost.

Funky Monkey Rear

The Funky Monkey Rear provides a cable stop for rear centerpull and cantilever brakes. This can come in handy if you are installing centerpull brakes on a frame that was originally designed for side pull brakes. Two different versions and several sizes are available.

The Seat Tube Clamp version functions as a traditional seatpost clamp, it clamps around the seat tube of the frame and holds the seatpost in place.

The clamping surface features a small lip at the top that positions it atop the seat tube of the frame, along with a larger bolt to give it the proper clamping force. The Seat Tube Clamp version is available in four sizes from 28.6mm up to 35.0mm.

The Seatpost Direct Mount version of the Funky Monkey Rear attaches to the seatpost itself, and the clamping surface has no lip. Only one size is available, designed to fit on 27.2mm seatposts.

Both versions of the Funky Monkey Rear have a cable stop arm with integrated barrel adjuster. The arm can pivot to align the cable with the brake, regardless of frame geometry.

Spare Parts & Related Components
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Mini Barrel Adjuster
A spring loaded barrel adjuster for a Cross Lever, E-Lever, Thumbie, MiniMoto or Funky Monkey.