High Flange Rear - 00130BLACK24
High Flange Rear - 00130BLACK24
High Flange Rear - 00130BLACK24
High Flange Rear - 00130BLACK24
High Flange Rear - 00130BLACK24
High Flange Rear - 00130BLACK24
High Flange Rear - 00130BLACK24
High Flange Rear - 00130BLACK24


Spoke Holes:
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Technical Information

6061 Aluminum
Anodized or Polished
Anodized Color
Axle Spacing: 120mm or 130mm
Flange Diameter: 65mm
Center to Flange: 32.5mm
Fixed Chainline: 44mm
Freewheel Chainline: 48mm
Spoke Holes
24, 28, 32, 36 or 48
Fixed/Freewheel Threading
English 1.37x24tpi
Lockring Threading
English 1.29x24tpi
Additional Information

High Flange Rear

The High Flange Rear is a single speed hub with large diameter flanges. Many options are available for threading, axle spacing, and spoke count.

We machine these hubs from three inch round bars of 6061 aluminum. The hub shells are put through four different machining processes before they go to finishing, and the end result is something we're very proud of. The wide flanges have six window cutouts in them to save weight and draw on the influence of classic track hubs.

The hub shells are available with dedicated fixed gear threading on one side only, or in a flip-flop version with fixed threading on one side and freewheel threading on the other. Proper left-handed lockring threading keeps fixed gear cogs secure, and our heavy-duty stainless steel lockring is included.

The axle is ground from 7075 aluminum, which has a great strength to weight ratio. The outer lock nut faces are made of knurled steel for a solid grip against dropouts. Two axles are available with 120mm or 130mm outer lock nut spacing. The ends of the axle are threaded to receive our stainless steel axle bolts. Spare parts are available to convert between axle lengths.

We use high-fill sealed bearings in the High Flange Rear, and they can be adjusted with our simple adjuster ring.

The chainline on the High Flange Rear is spaced to 44mm for the fixed cog, and 48mm for the freewheel.

Four spoke hole drillings are available from 24 to 48 holes, and the spoke holes are chamfered to reduce stress on the head and elbow of the spoke.

Spare Parts & Related Components
Bolt-On Axle Nut
A knurled stainless steel nut for Bolt-On FHUB, Disk FHUB and High Flange Front and Rear axles.
Adjuster Ring
A threaded bearing Adjuster Ring with pinch bolt for all current hubs with 15mm diameter axles.
Lock Ring Wrench
A shop-quality tool with two replaceable hardened steel teeth for extended service.
Axle Spacer
A replacement polished domed spacer for our hubs that take axle spacers.
Axle Bolts
A pair of stainless steel bolts with machined socket heads and washers for bolt-on axles.
A precision sealed bearing made by Enduro for use when servicing our front and rear hubs.
Lock Ring
A wide stainless steel lockring for use with a High Flange Rear or Fixed Disk WORD hub.
Axle Kit
A replacement axle with spacer, adjuster ring and end pieces to overhaul our front and rear hubs.