Front Hubs
Thru Axle Disk Fhub 15 x 100
We created this one as our boon for disk brake users.
Thru Axle Disk Fhub 15 x 150
This is a Thru-Axle Front Hub for Fat bikes
High Flange Front
A classically styled hub with large diameter windowed flanges. Quick-Release or Bolt-On axle.
A wider front disk hub for 135mm fat tire forks. Uses front disk rotor spacing.
A simple low flange front hub with high precision bearings and a quick release or bolt-on axle.
Features an ISO disk mount and interchangeable quick release or bolt-on axles.
Rear Hubs
WORD Thru Axle Hub 12 x 142
Thru Axel type hub, WORD 12/ 142
High Flange Rear
A classic six-window track hub with modern internals. Available with fixed or freewheel threads.
A mountain bike specific single speed hub with widely spaced flanges for a strong rear wheel.
Single speed freewheel or fixed gear threading with a disk mount brings one-cog joy to your disk frame.
Jono Hub
A classic high flanged hub for bikes with multi-speed freewheel drivetrains.
Hub Sets
Wide Load Hub Set
A Wide Load Hub Set of a 135mm WHUB & 170mm RHUB shimano/sram 10 speed