Moto BMX - 020BLACK
Moto BMX - 020BLACK
Moto BMX - 020BLACK
Moto BMX - 020BLACK


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Technical Information

6061 Aluminum
Anodized Color
Black or Silver
Cable Pull
Long Pull

Long pull brakes have more leverage than short pull brakes and require a longer amount of cable to be pulled when they are actuated.

They are intended only for use with long pull brake levers such as our Love Levers or Cross Levers.

Brake Pads
Salmon Koolstop Thinline
Additional Information

Moto BMX

The MotoBMX is in many ways identical to our Motolite brake. The major difference is that the arms of the Moto BMX do not have the scalloped relief found on the front of the Motolite arms.

By removing the large scallop on the front of the arm, we've made it so the collar can easily slide up the arm another two centimeters. On a Pro sized BMX frame, the Moto BMX brake will work with both Pro and Mini (1-3/8") sized rims. It will also allow for 700c wheels on frames designed for 26" wheels.

The brake arms are precision ground and then CNC machined into a light weight, but more importantly strong and reliable form. A brake collar fits around each cylindrical arms and holds the Kool-Stop brake pads in place, while allowing them to be finely tuned for height and toe-in.

First introduced in 1990, our brake pivot mechanism has an excellent track record. A stainless steel bushing mates the brake to the frame's brake posts and provides a larger bearing surface with a tightly controlled tolerance.

These pivots are pre-greased for smooth action and sealed to keep them that way. Specially wound square springs offer a snappy return and are easily adjusted and balanced.

The quick-release mechanism is simple but reliable, allowing you to easily open up the brake when you need to, but never rattling open on its own.

The cable enters the brake through a curved noodle with a Teflon lining for reduced friction. Thanks to the switchable brake arms the cable can be routed into the brake from the left or right.

Please note that all of our brakes at Paul Component Engineering are sold per wheel.

Spare Parts & Related Components
Rim Brake Pads
A pair of Salmon Kool-Stop Thinline Brake Pads for use with any of our brakes.
Moto Noodle
Aluminum cable noodle with inner sleeve for one Motolite brake.
Motolite Pack
Cable noodle, hooked canoe and brake bolts for one Motolite brake
Brake Bolts
A pair of two stainless steel M6x20 Brake Bolts for use with any of our rim brakes.
Brake Springs
A pair of left and right Brake Springs for use with any of our rim brakes.
Spring Adjuster Nuts
A pair of polished Spring Adjuster Nuts for use with any of our rim brakes.
Brake O-Ring Kit
A set of four rubber O-ring brake pivot seals for use with any of our rim brakes.
Brake Pivots
A pair of stainless steel Brake Pivot bushing for use with any of our brakes.