Quick Release Skewers - 190BKOR
Quick Release Skewers - 190BKOR
Quick Release Skewers - 190BKOR
Quick Release Skewers - 190BKOR
Quick Release Skewers - 190BKOR


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Technical Information

Stainless Steel & 7075 Aluminum
100mm: 50 grams
135mm: 63 grams
170mm: 68 grams
190mm: 72 grams
Anodized color
Silver or Black

Quick Release Skewers

One time, a long time ago, a man was in a bicycle race, going over a pass, in the freezing snow. He got a flat tire. All there was were wing nuts to hold on the wheels back then. His fingers were too cold to loosen them and remove the wheel. He had to give up the lead because of that, but he had the inspiration to do something about it and invented the wheel quick release. His name was Tulio Campagnolo. It was made of steel and had an internal cam that was protected and impossible to miss align.

Our first product in 1989 was a seat post quick release. Then came wheel q-r’s. They had the same internal cam design as Tulio’s. Yes, Paul is a huge fan of the man. Now, for our 25th anniversary we’ve updated the design and brought them back.

The stainless steel shafts screw into orange 7075 aluminum heads, which are oval putting the material where it’s needed and not where it isn’t. The handles are a stainless steel/aluminum affair for a good balance of ergonomics and weight savings. The nuts have a nice matching o-ring and a thread friction element to keep them in place after the wheels are removed. Sizes from 100 to 190mm.