Road Crank - 43539BKBK
 Road Crank - 43539BKBK
 Road Crank - 43539BKBK
 Road Crank - 43539BKBK
 Road Crank - 43539BKBK
 Road Crank - 43539BKBK
 Road Crank - 43539BKBK
 Road Crank - 43539BKBK
 Road Crank - 43539BKBK
 Road Crank - 43539BKBK


Crank Arm Length:
Crank Arm Finish:
Chain Ring:
Chain Ring Finish:
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Technical Information

Crank Arm Material
2024 Aluminum
Chain Ring Material
6061 Aluminum
556g - 680g
Crank Arm Finish
Polished and Anodized
Chain Ring Finish
Anodized Color
Black or Silver
Crank Arm Length
165mm or 170mm
Chain Ring Size
Circles 32, 34, 36, 39, 44, 46, or 48
Royal Flush 46 or 48
Chain Ring Width
Bottom bracket
111mm ISO Square Taper

We designed the Road Crank around a 111mm bottom bracket with an ISO square taper.

Suitable bottom brackets are available from Phil Wood, Campagnolo, Miche, and others.


Chainline is the chain ring's offset from the centerline of the bicycle frame.

The Road Crank has a 44mm chainline when paired with a 111mm bottom bracket.

Additional Information

Road Crank

100% Pure Crank from Paul Component Engineering.

Our Road Cranks take advantage of the narrower chainstays found on road frames, and the narrow chainline of our High Flange hubs.

These cranks use a specially designed interlocking chain ring/crank interface. Four 7075 Aluminum chain ring bolts with T25 Torx heads bolt through the chain ring and into the reinforced spider on the crank arm.

We machine the crank arms from 2024 aluminum, a very strong and stiff material. They are given a high polish finish and optional black anodization. We currently make the Road Crank in two lengths: 165mm and 170mm.

The chain rings are machined out of 6.3mm thick aluminum plate; very sturdy. They're currently designed only to work with 18" chains (track and bmx), and are unpolished. Replacement chain rings are available.

Chain rings are available in two different patterns and seven different sizes. 32, 34, 36, 39, 44, 46 and 48 tooth rings are available in our Circles pattern. Additionally, 46 and 48 tooth rings are available in our "Royal Flush" suit of cards pattern.

Spare Parts & Related Components
Chain Ring
Chain rings are available in seven sizes and two styles for either Road or Mountain Cranks.
Chain Ring Bolts chain ring, bolts, cranks
A set of four Chain Ring Bolts with Torx fittings for use with our Mountain or Road cranks.