Touring Canti - 030BLACK
Touring Canti - 030BLACK
Touring Canti - 030BLACK
Touring Canti - 030BLACK
Touring Canti - 030BLACK
Touring Canti - 030BLACK
Touring Canti - 030BLACK


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Technical Information

6061 Aluminum
Anodized or Polished
Anodized Color
Black or Silver
Cable Pull
Short Pull

Short pull brakes have less leverage than long pull brakes and require a shorter amount of cable to be pulled when they are actuated.

They are intended only for use with short pull brake levers such as our Cross Levers or Canti Levers, or short pull drop bar brake levers.

Brake Pads
Salmon Koolstop Thinline
Additional Information

Touring Canti

The Touring Canti is a powerful cantilever brake with a similar design to the Neo-Retro, but with the arms angled upward. This gives the brake a much narrower profile without significantly reducing stopping power. The narrower profile of the Touring Canti can be desirable if you're riding with large panniers or if your current brakes don't give you enough heel or calf clearance.

The arms of the Touring Canti are machined from lightweight 6061 aluminum. Their T-shaped cross section prevents the brake from flexing too much under load.

The brake pads mount to slots in the arms that allow for vertical positioning. The toe-in and angle can be fine tuned thanks to the spherical washers on the brake pads' threaded posts.

Like all of our brakes, the Touring Canti has a sealed pivot mechanism. Rubber seals and a stainless steel bushing keep the brake arms turning smoothly no matter what you're riding through. The spring tension can be adjusted in both pivots to center the brake and to adjust the strength of the return swing.

The Touring Canti comes with pivots pre-greased and with all necessary hardware.

Like most of our components, the Touring Canti is available with a black or silver anodization. Additionally, we offer a polished version with a mirror finish.

We recommend running the Touring Canti with a lower straddle wire to maximize stopping power. Having the cable carrier between 1" inches and 2" above the tire is a good range.

Please note that all of our brakes at Paul Component Engineering are sold per wheel.

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