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The Real Deal

Unfortunately, 2024 seems to be the year of counterfeit everything. Whether it’s fake Toyota parts that could ruin your car, or fake climbing gear that could ruin your life, it seems like there’s always somebody on Ali Express, Ebay, or Facebook Marketplace ready to sell you whatever “genuine” part you want, at a price too good to be true.

It’s come to our attention that there are some dishonest people making poor quality copies of our parts in China. It goes without saying that buying suspiciously manufactured brakes for a bicycle could be extremely dangerous and even deadly. We’ve seen examples of these fakes in person and can tell you that they not only look, feel, and perform sub-par, there are aspects of their manufacturing that are straight up dangerous, and we would really hate for anybody to get not only ripped off, but seriously injured.

We’re doing what we can to shut down these counterfeiters, but they are sneaky buggers, and pop up elsewhere. If you want to be sure you’re getting a genuine PAUL Component, order it directly from us, or your local bike shop. If it seems like a deal that’s too good to be true, it probably is. If you find yourself a victim of one of these scammers, your best bet is to file a claim with the seller, and either return or destroy the parts. We offer the absolute best customer service and warranty with our genuine parts, but ultimately cannot be held responsible if you buy poorly made copies off the internet.

Thanks, and have a nice ride,

The PAUL Comp Crew