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Covid-19 Update: We still have a very healthy stockpile of components on the shelves and a safe method for shipping them.

We’re still receiving your orders, and really appreciate your support, but please be patient as it may take a few days longer for us to get your order confirmation sent, and orders shipped under the current circumstances. Rest assured we will get your parts to you as fast as we are able to while observing safety protocols!

Thank you,

The PAUL Crew

Your cycling experience is directly dependent on the functionality of your equipment. That’s why superb craftsmanship is critical. Because the quality of the ride matters. And because when you can rely on your equipment –

Ultimately, you can rely on yourself.

Go Nowhere in Life

To places where nature ate the trail markers. And the skat is fresh. And the photos you’re taking will never do the scenery justice.

How well your components function and withstand the hostility of terrain depends entirely on how it’s built. How utilitarian, simple, and serviceable components are beyond cell service in the middle of nowhere depends entirely on the practicality of the engineer who designed it and his obsession over parts that make sense.

Every PAUL component is 100% American made with 100% American sourced aluminum of the highest grade. We abuse, test, and evaluate our prototypes to know where to reinforce and where to shave grams from the metal. Our parts look weird. We have an “inadvertent aesthetic” that’s born naturally from our unorthodox methods and beliefs, so over the years, we’ve attracted a certain crowd.

We’ve been doing it our way since the 80s, and we’re building stuff now we could never have conceived of back then. Our current engineers and techs are the best we’ve ever had, and we’re always working on (secret) projects that’ll blow your mind. We can’t wait to tell you bike nerds all about them.

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