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Covid-19 Update: We still have a very healthy stockpile of components on the shelves and a safe method for shipping them.

We’re still receiving your orders, and really appreciate your support, but please be patient as it may take a few days longer for us to get your order confirmation sent, and orders shipped under the current circumstances. Rest assured we will get your parts to you as fast as we are able to while observing safety protocols!

Thank you,

The PAUL Crew


Featuring: Duplex Lever

Featuring: Fixed Word

Featuring: SRAM Thumbies

Featuring: Mounting Solutions

Featuring: Tall and Handsome

Featuring: Chim Chim Bar Ends

Featuring: Flat Mount Klamper

Featuring: Boxcar Stem

Featuring: Racer

Featuring: Boxcar Stem

Featuring: Motolite

Featuring: High Flange Rear

Featuring: Gino Light Mount

Featuring: MiniMoto

Featuring: MiniMoto

Featuring: MiniMoto

Featuring: MiniMoto

Featuring: Canti Lever